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Wool Men’s Jacket with Sherpa Lining 2020

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Elevate Your Style with the FiveBrother® Wool Men’s Jacket with Sherpa Lining – Crafted in Luxurious Wool


In the world of men's fashion, where style meets functionality, there exists a garment that transcends time—the FiveBrother® Wool Men's Jacket with Sherpa Lining. This exceptional piece isn't just outerwear; it's an embodiment of warmth, quality, and enduring style, crafted predominantly in luxurious Wool.

A Fusion of Style and Comfort in Wool

Imagine a jacket that seamlessly blends style with comfort, meticulously crafted from 12.5oz 80% Wool and 20% Nylon. This Wool Shirt/Jacket design in a Relaxed Fit envelopes you in the sumptuous softness and insulating warmth of wool. It's not just a jacket; it's a testament to the elegance and functionality of woolen attire.

Practical Elegance with Wool

This jacket combines practicality with elegance. Adorned with 2 Chest Deep Pockets, it offers both utility and style, making a statement of convenience and sophistication. Additionally, 2 Lower Hand Warmer Pockets provide extra comfort and convenience, especially on chilly days when the natural warmth of wool shines through.

Fine Details in Wool

The Button Cuff adds a classic touch to the jacket while highlighting the versatility of wool. It allows you to customize the fit, ensuring that you stay cozy and stylish. The Zipper Front ensures easy wear and locks in warmth, making it an ideal choice for brisk mornings and cool evenings.

A Lining of Luxurious Wool

The Sherpa Lined Body promises unparalleled comfort and coziness. It's a sensation of pure luxury against your skin, a testament to the insulating and soft nature of wool. The Nylon Lined Sleeve further enhances the jacket's functionality, making it effortless to slip on and off without compromising on warmth.

A Tradition of Quality in Wool

This jacket is a celebration of a tradition that FiveBrother® has upheld since 1890. The commitment to quality and excellence is woven into every thread of wool, making it a premier shirt company with a legacy that echoes through the ages.

Elevate Your Wardrobe with Wool

Elevate your everyday attire with the epitome of comfort and style, and discover the timeless elegance and warmth of wool. The FiveBrother® Wool Men's Jacket with Sherpa Lining isn't just a piece of clothing; it's an embodiment of luxury, warmth, and enduring fashion. Step into a world where comfort meets timeless elegance, and experience a jacket that promises style without compromise, all in the remarkable fabric of wool.


  • Wool Shirt / Jacket -Relaxed Fit
  • 12.5oz 80% Wool 20% Nylon
  • 2 Chest Deep Pockets
  • 2 Lower Hand Warmer Pockets
  • Button Cuff
  • Zipper front
  • Sherpa Lined Body for Comfort
  • Nylon Lined Sleeve
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Since 1890 Premier Shirt Company

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