Hickory Stripe

The hickory stripe is a classic fabric popularized originally by American railway workers at the turn of the century. The dark blue and white hickory stripe is an instantly recognizable fabric, both iconic and vintage.

FiveBrother® WorkWear has adapted this classic design to meet today’s standards for comfort and durability.

Hickory Stripe History

The blue-and-white-striped fabric was adapted from the seersucker design, which originated in India in the 1600s but eventually migrated to England.

The English realized the utility of the light cotton seersucker fabric in the sweltering heat of India, bringing the design back to England with them. They felt the design was stylish as well. It later made its way to the United States.

The seersucker design soon transformed into the hickory stripe.

Making a Classic Design Modern

In time, the hickory stripe became known as the railroad stripe, and shirts made from this fabric became known as railroad shirts. FiveBrother WorkWear has revisited this classic design for the modern era by making it comfortable and durable to work in, yet stylish and contemporary for other purposes.

Since 1890, FiveBrother has offered the rugged construction of reliable workwear. FiveBrother hickory stripe workwear is strong enough to withstand the rigors of outdoor work in rugged conditions, but still fashionable and tasteful off the job.

FiveBrother WorkWear Responsibility to Its Customers

FiveBrother WorkWear has been a premier shirt company since 1890. As a leader in the field of workwear for over a hundred years, FiveBrother has seen fashion trends come and go. Through this time, FiveBrother has known it is quality and dependability that workers need in work clothes. FiveBrother WorkWear has never wavered from this responsibility.