Denim is built tough, but you’re built even tougher. Demanding jobs require pants that handle anything. Our dungarees are durable, and we worked hard to give you comfort and fit that works with you, instead of against you.

The New Denim Dungaree

FiveBrother® dungarees take on the stress of your life without bursting at the seams. Our not-so-average dungarees are made of 12oz and 14oz 100% cotton denim that keeps it all breathable even during hours of work.

Today’s high-tech manufacturing equipment gives us unprecedented control over our hand-selected materials for dungarees that get through anything. Our designers focus on making modern work clothing that’s rugged, stylish, and easy to wear.

Made for All Men

Over the past 120+ years, we learned to build from the ground up with a man’s lifestyle in mind. Our traditional and relaxed fit dungarees get the job done with as much precision as you do. Work never slows down and neither should you.

Wear them off the clock, and you’ll easily change from business to casual in a flash.

Check out all of our men’s dungarees to see for yourself why everyone’s talking about FiveBrother®.