Bib Lined

Bib Lined

Bib Lined

Bib lined

The harvest is still months away from being finished. The real work has just begun, and it’s getting colder, especially at night. You can’t afford to catch a cold during the busiest season of the year. That’s why we lined our rugged FiveBrother® denim bib with 100% polyester brushed fleece to provide protection so you can get the job done, regardless of what nature throws at you.

Why FiveBrother® Bibs

Our fleece-lined bib with 12oz 100% cotton denim is made using the most advanced manufacturing tools. Our durable denim is then cut and triple-stitched into an iconic American fashion statement.

Our high-quality bibs are designed to be functional. They have front and back pockets ready to take care of your pliers, rulers, screws, and everything else that should be handy for your work. Get your phones protected too with the bibs’ water-resistant pockets.

Building a Tighter Community

At FiveBrother®, we have deep roots in this community. We grew up here just like you, and we honor our farming roots. Our overalls have been worn by decade of railroad workers, recording artists, farmers, and more. That’s how we spread from a small shop in Illinois to become an international brand.

Check out our fleece-lined denim bibs to see why your grandfather is still wearing his FiveBrother®.

  • 12oz Fleece Lined Bib Overalls

    12oz Fleece Lined Bib Overalls

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    12oz Fleece Lined Bib Overalls The harvest doesn’t fully ripen until October, but the weather’s already frigid, especially at night. We lined our durable denim bib with our world-famous 100% polyester brushed fleece to provide protection so you can get...
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