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6oz Weight Classic Shirt w/ Button Down Collar 2020

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5520 2020
$47.99 - $59.99


Experience Unmatched Comfort and Style: FiveBrother® 6oz Lightweight Classic Flannel Shirt w/ Button Down Collar

Step into a world of timeless comfort and refined style with the FiveBrother® 6oz Lightweight Classic Flannel Shirt w/ Button Down Collar. This isn't just a shirt; it's a masterpiece that seamlessly blends classic design, superior craftsmanship, and modern functionality.

The shirt's design speaks volumes – a single open chest pocket combines utility with sophistication. The button-down collar exudes a timeless charm, maintaining its sharp shape to suit any occasion, whether formal or casual.

Crafted from yarn-dyed brushed flannel fabric, the shirt's texture is an experience in itself. It wraps you in a gentle embrace of warmth and comfort, reminiscent of cherished memories. The triple needle stitching is a testament to the shirt's durability, ensuring it remains a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. Made from 6oz 100% cotton, it effortlessly balances breathability and strength, perfect for any season.

Beneath its surface, the shirt holds a secret: 2-ply yarns that lend depth and character to the fabric. This thoughtful detail isn't just for show; it's a mark of the brand's commitment to providing exceptional quality. The hardware features bone buttons, an elegant touch that complements the shirt's classic flair. With 7 bone button closures on the front (or 8 on the tall variant), every aspect has been meticulously designed.

Slip into the FiveBrother® 6oz Lightweight Classic Flannel Shirt w/ Button Down Collar, and you're not just wearing a shirt – you're embracing a narrative that seamlessly combines tradition with modernity. With each button fastened, each stitch admired, you become part of a story that transcends mere fashion. This shirt becomes an emblem of your individuality, a symbol of comfort, style, and lasting excellence. Elevate your wardrobe with this unparalleled piece that embodies the essence of FiveBrother® commitment to quality.


  • Classic Flannel Shirt
  • One Chest Pocket
  • Button Down Collar
  • Open Chest Pocket
  • Yarn Dyed Brushed Flannel Fabric
  • Triple Needle Stitching
  • 6oz 100% Cotton
  • 2ply Yarns


  • 7 (Bone Button) Closure Front – (8 on Tall)

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