Flannel Mens Unlined

Flannel Mens Unlined

Flannel Mens Unlined

Men’s Unlined

Flannel is a classic American look, and we built our shirts rugged, so you never have to worry about losing your shirt to quality. Whether you prefer the classic plaid or the western look we wear in all seasons out in the country, you’ll find it among our huge selection.

Welcome to Functional Flannel

FiveBrother® flannel is built for hard work, but it’s great for casual nights out too. You don’t have to sacrifice anything while wearing a triple-stitched flannel shirt made of durable, 100% yarn-dyed cotton.

We use today’s advanced manufacturing processes to process high-quality materials to provide the best flannel shirts on the market. We didn’t invent the flannel shirt – we just perfected it.

Get to choose from our 9oz flannel shirts available in sizes M to 6X.

Show Off Your Colors

In Scottish culture, tartans are made of a variety of paid colors to designate association with different clans. The tradition was brought to North America by our original settlers, and many states and regions across the U.S. and Canada have official colors.

We took this as inspiration when we created our own line of plaid flannels.

Shop our selection to find the colors that represent who you are on the inside. It’s the only individuality you have at work.

  • Western Flannel 2020 Western Flannel 2020

    Western Flannel 2020

    FiveBrother WorkWear

    $39.99 - $53.99
    Original Western 9oz Brawny Shirt Our Western flannel shirts put a cowboy twist on the classic look. We also expanded our original color lineup with even more checkered plaid patterns. Our standard fit stretches as you move your arms to ensure you...
    5201 2020
    5201 2020
    2.00 LBS
    $39.99 - $53.99