Flannel Mens

Flannel Mens

Flannel Mens

Flannel Men’s

Men love flannel. That classic plaid look fits in everywhere from the construction site to the office, at home, or on the go.

You Need Functional Flannel

FiveBrother® flannel is built for work but designer touches make it appropriate at the country club or dance club. You don’t have to sacrifice form for function with these double-stitched flannel shirts made of durable, 100% yarn-dyed cotton. We even do it with heavyweight, 9oz fabric.

We use modern manufacturing techniques with natural materials. Our plaid experts then create colorful flannel designs with all-natural dyes for a hypoallergenic shirt that’s fit for work or play.

Fashion for the Modern Man

Trends come and go, but the checkered flannel shirt is a staple for any man’s wardrobe. We provide a wide selection of colors and styles, from the original “heirloom” plaids to western wear.

You can show off your colors in any weather without worrying about not being dressed for the occasion. Whether you’re trekking through the woods on your next adventure, work in the field, or relaxing at home with the family, you’ll look and feel good doing it.

Shop our full line of long-sleeved flannels to find the right fit for you.

  • Quilt Lined Snap 9oz Flannel Jacket 2020 Quilt Lined Snap 9oz Flannel Jacket 2020

    Quilt Lined Snap 9oz Flannel Jacket 2020

    FiveBrother WorkWear

    $50.95 - $59.99
    Quilt Lined Snap 9oz Flannel Jacket The comfortable feel. The rugged, old-world look that never goes out of style. We at FiveBrother® know why you love flannel. It’s the same reason your parents probably wore it, and their parents before them...
    5350 2020
    5350 2020
    2.00 LBS
    $50.95 - $59.99